Wearables blog

Over the recent years I've collected a few of gadgets, though they are rarely used, here are some experiences which made me stick them to the paper.

Apple Watch - day 2 (may 10 , 2015)
surprisingly complicated setup for going out on a bike and wanting to collect cardio data from watch along with the ride data and see it,
1) after raising a wrist i takes about 3 seconds for glance to update , by that time I need to put hand back in order to continue riding at the speed
2) the apps don't provide easy way to tell both cardio and speed on single screen , swapping to heartbeat glance is hard during a ride, so I could not do it
3) leather armband does not feel great for sports, and while it is stupid idea to use it, believe it or not, the sports bands were sold out !
4) apps are not yet ready to be practical, if it were not for the cardio reader, I would have preferred iPhone on the handlebars and audio feedback or Moov, which also meaasures cadence during ride... , hopefully apps will get better soon and iOS 9 will bring it to another level
5) about an hour of this activity drained about 30% of battery approximately, though I only glanced it for about 20 times and measured cardio a few times, should get better, anyway it's 10pm and I still got 30% left (though I chaged it fully around 1pm)
6) glancing should be better , too often information disappears too quickly, and during bike ride you cannot do much hands freeĀ